We offer online and portable gas sensors and transmitters, as well as monitoring & control systems. These are available for safe area or non-hazardous area installation eg. building, office, parking, kitchen etc. Gas Sensors area also available for hazardous area for gas explosion zone 1, zone 2.

Gas sensor transmitters for all toxic gases (CO, CO2, H2S, SO2, NO2 etc), flammable gases (methane, hydrogen, LPG, ethylene etc), oxygen and inert gases (nitrogen, argon, helium etc). These comes with world-class quality and performance with CE, UL certifications. For gas explosion proof areas, these are available with explosion proof or flameproof approval with ATEX, IECEx, SIL 2 certification.

Various mounting options eg. wall, ceiling, columns or duct / pipeline are available.

We also offer monitoring & control system eg. parking ventilation, building ventilation with CO2 or VOC monitoring, LPG leakage and alarm system for reticulation system and so on.

Early smoke and fire detection system is one-of-kind smoke and fire alarm system. It offers warning signals for earliest sign of smoke and hence, fire. Because of its unique detection technology and system algorithm, it is proactive fire alarm system. It is far better and accurate than off-the-shelf reactive fire alarm systems available in market.