Solvent fumes detector - flameproof for zone 1, 2 hazardous area, with ATEX, SIL 2, display, alarm LEDs
Solvent vapour detector – LEL sensor transmitter, flameproof, ATEX, SIL 2, Zone 1
Solvent vapour / fumes detector for online, continuous detection of solvent presence or LEL level in ambient air or ducts. The detector is explosion proof ATEX certified with SIL 2 safety level and suitable for installation in hazardous area Zone 1 and Zone 2. The instrument can be installed at solvent storage facility, paint booth, refinery, paint manufacturing units, cleansing facility at textile manufacturing etc. It is available with LCD Display, onboard relay contacts, flashing alarm LEDs, auto diagnostic watch dog, non-intrusive calibration, with industry standard linear analog output.
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